One quarter to one third of released felons will be back in prison within 3 years . . .

The proposed felon voting rights restoration amendment would immediately and automatically restore voting rights to convicted felons upon completion of their sentences. But we know from the data maintained by the Florida Department of Corrections that the recidivism rate in Florida is approximately 25% to 33%. That is, one quarter to one third of felons released from Florida prisons will be back in prison within three years of their release. Knowing that, it makes no sense to hand felons a new voter registration card on the way out of the prison door, does it?

Richard A. Harrison
About the author

Richard A. Harrison serves as the Executive Director of Floridians for a Sensible Voting Rights Policy, Inc. Richard is an accomplished lawyer specializing in the area of city, county, and local government law. Richard is frequently consulted by the media on matters relating to local government issues in the news and has written and spoken extensively on local government topics. He is a graduate of Stetson University (B.A., English, 1982) and Stetson University College of Law (J.D. 1986) and serves as an adjunct professor of law and on the Board of Overseers for Stetson University College of Law.